Thanks for visiting the “SS original film Music” page!

Do you have a “scoreless” film that needs the perfect ambience to turn it into a popular movie?
Or maybe a home video of a happy sunny day with your dog or cat running around the yard?
Need some ambient “cool” background looped music for your website?
This page has examples of music that Stefani has created in her film score library. For your own score, follow the below process and receive your estimate~

Stefani’s questions to create your score:

1. What kind of video is this? A family fun backyard type, a webpage that needs music to loop?  An Indie film going into competition? A funny spoof on a scary theme?
2.  I like music from: (name a film, commercial or style and where Stefani can look for this, a URL?). This will help Stefani vibe into the mood.
3, What is the length of your video? 3 minutes or an hour?
4. Are there any moody samples from this page you like for your project?
5. Would you like a beat set to the music? What type?

Now email your answers and later if needed, we may exchange phone numbers to discuss the project in depth.

According to your answers, after your approval and our agreement, you’ll simply use paypal to download the music that was created for you!

Method 2:

Send the video file and the music via a “large file” Internet program and music will be matched to your new movie!



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