Vocal Concert with the Students of
Kevyn Lettau
Accompanied by
Bassist ~ Glen Fisher
Pianist ~ Danny Green
Sunday, April 13th at 3 PM
Point Loma Assembly
3035 Talbot Street, San Diego, CA 92106
With Kevyn’s enthusiastic support, her students develop their
authentic voice, through a combination of her guided
support and their own self-discovery. This balance of
nurturing technique and discipline focus is unique and
rewarding; one which offers each student a congruent and
personal training experience.
Weather teaching one-on-one or sharing her rich
improvisational knowledge in a group or workshop format
Kevyn offers a remarkable mentor’s vision.

For further information call 619.550.2757

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Stefani Stevens
Thursday, April 17th, 5-9 PM
Oceanside Sunset Market
From Hwy 5 go west, cross 101

You can’t miss it ~


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